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  • yu ban

    11/01/2014 21:08

    Looking for a native speaker language partner in China?
    Why not visit

  • Melody Sheung

    30/10/2012 11:50

    I am looking for creative phone app /game teams, sourcing for China Telecom, it's a huge opportunity, contact me if you think you are good!

  • jordanmylove jordanmylove

    20/07/2012 08:15

  • Sns Graph

    10/04/2012 01:58

    hello everyone!

  • Rune Huang

    21/03/2011 07:45

    Any pending 2011 events?

  • Y. David Ding

    15/11/2010 04:36

    Event this Friday What's hot in China?

  • mark evans

    28/10/2010 06:16

    Have a projector? BRING YOUR PROJECTOR! We need 2 projectors for Saturday!

  • mark evans

    19/10/2010 09:03

    We need help the day of the event! Also please tell all your friends and PLEASE RSVP if you are going to come!

  • Quentin Berder

    17/10/2010 06:01

    Do you still need some help?
    And is the list of topics up to date?

  • Y. David Ding

    10/10/2010 00:40

    info page updated!

  • mark evans

    08/10/2010 08:17

    We need a T-shirt design! send a message to me on this site or @BarcampSH !

  • Tony Luce

    29/09/2010 11:24

    We have peeps who can help. Let us know what you need.

  • mark evans

    26/09/2010 12:30

    Next Barcamp: October 30th! We need volunteers, sponsors and help us get the word out!

  • Vivian Pein

    19/08/2010 14:36

    As far as I know there is no new date yet but I´m guess there will be another one this year

  • Peter Beacom

    02/08/2010 19:57

    When will the next BarCamp Shanghai be held?

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你好 - Welcome

BarCamp活动是怎样的 ? | What is BarCamp?

一个持续8小时的特别体验,非正式会议形态,每一个 参与者都可以通过展现自己的创造和帮助任何活动环节从而与其他与会者分享经验和资 源。

An ad-hoc, all-play unconference where everyone who attends participates by presenting or helping out.

活动时间 | When?

2010年10月30日,星期六 | Saturday, October 30th, 2010

在纳入?| Where?

XinDanWei's new office

50 Yongjia Rd, Shanghai,CHINA


Planning begins at 10am.

为什么参与这次活动? | Why?

因为它是一次充满愉快气氛和丰富有效信息的聚会。请前往官方网站获得 更多介绍

Because it’ll be a fun party and totally informative, all at the same time.
Here’s the full rundown: [click here for more information]

Sponsors & Partners

We are looking for Sponsors for Barcamp2010 2.0!  

Contact Mark Evans, Scott Ballantyne, or Calvin Chin for more info!


Web2Asia - Web 2.0 Internet Gaming Market Entry & Localization Incubator for China, Japan & Korea - Home


mobile branded apps & mobile branded games

NUS Overseas Colleges

Flying Turtle Coffee | Shanghai, China - Dali, Yunnan, China

Ekohe - Ruby on Rails/Iphone Development | Shanghai, China

The Net Circle


Xindanwei 新单位

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Dragon Business Network

Flying Turtle Coffee

Greg Harrison


Hi Shanghai

Shanghai Solved

w+k shanghai

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